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MPI World Education Congress 

What to expect from WEC

Keynotes that inspire

What’s the difference between planning events and designing experiences? Where is the industry going? How do you stay invigorated, involved and in tune? These are some of the big- picture concepts we’ll address in powerful, action-oriented keynotes.   

Learn to think outside the ballroom

If your attendees are struggling to focus their attention for longer than five minutes, you need to plan differently. How can you transform a space from a collection of tables and chairs into an environment of problem-solving and excitement? How does technology assist in creating this engagement? You’ll learn how at #WEC17.

The power of partnerships

Planners and suppliers need each other, and #WEC17 will feature programs, education and business exchanges that benefit both. From one-on-one buyer appointments, to supplier-focused sessions, to an interactive environment where planners and suppliers can understand each others’ needs and solve hot-button issues together, #WEC17 will spotlight this vital relationship like never before.





  Meeting Information
June 19 - 22, 2017


Las Vegas NV
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